The Parable of Dodo Ikire By Dr. Tunde Oseni

I hail from Ikire and I love Dodo Ikire. Beyond the childhood nostalgia and emotional affinity I have with this popular delicacy, I have given some thoughts to the uniqueness of the most famous thing that my ancient town has been identified with for centuries. By the way, Ikire is a university town situated between the two university cities of Ibadan and Ile-Ife in the Southwestern Nigeria. Our people are enterprising, innovative and welcoming. They are also particularly creative if one examines the way and manner they have prepared, packaged and popularized Dodo Ikire for years. The ingenuity of our women is only a part of the story.

In general terms, Dodo is the Yoruba word for ‘fried plantain’, a delicacy which many West Africans love to eat with jollof rice and or beans. The general Dodo is made from ripe plantain, cut into slices. But Dodo Ikire is a unique nibble: it is made from over-ripen, almost decomposed, plantains, (which many farmers might want to throw away for loss of market value). Yet, so unique is Dodo Ikire that Prof. Sidi Osho and many other food technologists and scientists have written well-researched papers on the nutritional and economic values of Dodo Ikire.

Beyond the social, cultural, economic, and, increasingly intellectual importance of Dodo Ikire, (some postgraduate students in social anthropology, economics and history are now researching Dodo Ikire for projects and dissertations), a deeper reflection on this snack shows how ingenious and relevant an almost rotten item (plantain) could turn into a well-cherished and yet rarely rotten and even uniquely tasty thing (Dodo Ikire). This noble nibble from Ikire shows to us that we can always inject life into a dying idea; that a new life is always possible once one is still alive and kicking. Dodo Ikire shows to us that we can always create and re-create our realities; that our ideas will never run out until we stop thinking; that we can turn what may perish into what we can cherish. Dodo Ikire tells us that life is about innovation.



  • Dr. Tunde Oseni
    Dr. Tunde Oseni


Dr Oseni is a Lecturer at Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria


Peace in Our Time, by Dr. Tunde Oseni

Peace in Our Time
By Tunde Oseni

How many times will we go to war
When peace is what must be won
Peace in our time
Repeat: peace in our time

How many lives will we cut the short
Up the North and down the South
Peace in our time
Repeat: peace in our time

How much tears must we shed again
Because of lives that are shred without a gain
Peace in our time
Repeat: peace in our time

How long will we need to shout
For the extremists in our midst to rethink their bout
Peace in our time
Repeat: peace in our time


Wake up, Nkrumah, by Dr. Tunde Oseni

Dr Kwame Nkrumah. the father of African independence
Dr Kwame Nkrumah. the father of African independence

The Gladiator of no distant past

Who fought for liberation with a distinction pass

Wake up now, and resurrect in our land

Before things degenerate beyond our hand

Nkrumah, the father of independence

Now is the time for your kind of intelligence

Wake up now and resurrect in our land

Before we bite more than we can chew

The shining star and the golden voice

Your type is what we crave as an urgent choice

Wake up now and resurrect in our land

Our continent needs an urgent fix


Mandela, the Madiba, by Dr. Tunde Oseni

Mandela, the Madiba
Mandela, the Madiba

If you want success out of struggle

Mandela, the Madiba represents a model

If you think it’s over when the chips are down

Study Mandela, the Madiba for a change of mind

If you think a people can forever be in chains

Mandela, the Madiba will let you think and change

If the world has no Mandelas in our midst

What for all will that be a great miss

Revenge is not for the strong in mind

Reconciliation is an article of faith for the large in heart

Mandela, the Madiba

Man with a thousand lives

It is to your memory and love

That South Africa and the world know more about peace


My Father and the Whiteman, by Dr.Tunde Oseni

It was a sunny day

My father, then a boy, joined his mates

On a stony pitch

Chasing around a ball

Just beside the hall


Then a call from the Reverend Father

A missionary man from afar

‘You follow me’

My father cleaned up the sweat on his face

And behind the white man he gently walked


The boys behind the White Man were now two

For an errand boy normally escorted the holy one

They got to the storey building

Opposite the Catholic Church

The first in our town,

That owned the school my father went

And the mission to the place was yet unclear

As my father held his breath till the end


The Holy One entered a room that was dark

Asked the Little One to climb upon a desk

And waved a cloth to him to hold

To be pinned to a little window made of wood

The Little One obeyed the Boss

Until the show came to a close


Just by chance

As the white man made to move

A little ray of light snaked into room

And my father got the tip;

It was the call of nature

That the White Man had come to heed


That was 1956 as I was told

In 1959 the boy finished at the school

Then in 1989, the son of the boy

Entered the college arm of the school

Where his father once held the cloth

*This is based on a true life story told me by my father.
Dedicated to Pope Francis I for his love for the oppressed and
tolerance for all faiths.


Mzbel says She Has a Crush on Pastor Mensah Otabil

Controversial singer, Mzbel, also known as Nana Akua Amoah

Sexy and controversial singer, Nana Akua Amoah known in showbiz circles as Mzbel has openly confessed that she has a crush on the Founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church, (ICGC), Pastor Mensah Otabil.

According to Mzbel, who describes Pastor Otabil as ‘hot’ and charismatic, the preacher possesses all the qualities of what she calls a unique man of her choice.

She added that she would have willingly availed herself to be Pastor Otabil if only he was not married.

Mzbel was reacting to a prophecy by Prophet Joshua Awuah Kodon aka Odeefuor Pae Mu Ka that she would one day marry a man of God and become an ‘Osofo Maame.’ Continue reading “Mzbel says She Has a Crush on Pastor Mensah Otabil”


Lydia Forson Says She Doesn’t Have a Baby

“I don’t have a baby, if I did, I’d be more than proud to show him or her off,” was Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson’s response to grapevine talks that she has a baby.

There are rumors that the bubbly actress had a baby at an early age and left it in an orphanage. The reports also claimed she had in the past had sexual relationship with soccer star Stephen Appiah, actor cum presenter Chris Attoh and musician Screw Face.

But Lydia said she had never met Stephen Appiah or Screw Face and described Chris as a harmless ‘brother’.

When News-One first contacted her Sunday, the ‘Phone Swap’ actress grudgingly addressed the reports but she decided to address them because certain people and a section of the media had started taking advantage of the rumors.

She said none of the rumors were true and challenged those spreading them to come out with a proof. “I don’t have a baby, if I did, I’d be more than proud to show him or her off. I’ve never met Stephen Appiah or Screw Face before. And Chris Attoh is like a brother,” she emphasized. Continue reading “Lydia Forson Says She Doesn’t Have a Baby”