What has become of Christianity in beloved Ghana?

By Rev. Dr. David Kwaku Hormenoo, PhD.

What has become of Christianity in beloved GhanaYes, we all need good physical, spiritual and emotional health to live life in this world. But at times it seems as if the physical and the emotional override the spiritual and the spiritual is corrupted. Look at any corner of any city, town or village in Ghana. You will

see structures of churches under trees and large worship centers all aimed at worshipping the one true God. The socio-economical problems encountered by most Ghanaians have forced them to seek spiritual help in mushroom churches. They are following signs, wonders, and miracles to make their living situations better. I do not blame them. Self-styled pastors and so-called bishops have taken advantage of the plights of Ghanaians and are exploiting them for their own selfish purposes.


Most Christians have trusted and placed their faith in these pastors and bishops instead of in God and in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. A recent incident throws more light on this issue. “This tragic incident occurred after a stampede ensued at the church Sunday during the distribution of free holy water. Four people died instantly and some 13 persons were also severely injured during the incident. The incident happened around 8:30 am shortly after the announcement that the holy water was going to be distributed for free.” Christians struggling to receive holy water and stampeding each other resulting in deaths and injuries! What has become of biblical prophecies and teaching of the Bible? Can Christians not pray for themselves at home for God to intervene in their lives? Do they need holy water blessed by a bishop or an overseer?


I believe we need three solutions to what has become a problem for Christianity in Ghana. First, what does it mean to be a Christian? Second, if people are actually Christians, then they need “spiritual detoxification.” Spiritual detoxification in the sense

that they have believed false teachings that are hurting and killing them and they need help to get rid of them. Third, Christians need to understand the power (Holy Spirit) that God gave them when they become Christians. Also true Christian churches need to do some very important things for church members. First, teaching of the Bible accurately and direct application to the daily life of believers. Second, effective discipleship as Christ commanded so that believers will be grounded in the truth so that they will not be swayed by false prophets and wolves in sheep clothing. Third, teaching specifically on prayer and practical demonstration of what an actual prayer is and how prayer can affect people’s lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.


I will also make a strong suggestion here. All people who call themselves pastors or bishops who know that they have not been trained theologically must abandon their so called ministries and seek God’s face, and if cleared by God, to enroll in an accredited theological school for training for pastoral and ministerial work. They must know that God is going to hold them accountable for all that they are saying and doing. There is more to write about this and I will continue in my next blog.



4 Replies to “What has become of Christianity in beloved Ghana?”

  1. great article. if you compain about some of this things people with tink ur not a christian.

  2. I also hav 2 suggestion
    1: since some of these prophet sell stuff: books, videos, holy water, etc, why should they not be tax like any othe busness?
    2: we hav to edicate the ghanaian public to know the true men of God from the false prohpets.

    Great article. Thank you reverent david.

  3. Hi Ameyaw,
    Thank you for your comment. The first step in solving any problem in society is for people to accept responsibility. The issue is not whether the pastor is a Ghanaian or a Zambia. Is the practice of believing that there’s a spiritual solution to all our problems in the society rather than practical assessment of our situation and rising up to the challenge. This is why our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers have become so vulnerable to these holy water pastors who are also taking advantage of their situations.
    By the way, don’t you think somebody has to be held responsible for those who died or got injured? Some of these self-help churches have become corporate enterprises so shouldn’t they provide surveillance, security, insurance and all that is necessary to protect people that attend the service?

  4. This Pastor is from Nigeria, so it’s not a Ghana pasto. We have to be careful of these Nigeria pastors in ghana

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