The African Uprising


The African is always left in the dark whiles decisions pertaining to his or her well being are taken by unknown forces. We are then forced to accept because the interest of our leaders has already been secured. I feel no less for my fellow Africans because I am also a victim of the unjustifiable rule or governance we are experiencing these days. Many at times I think and ask why this transpires in this era and I am not made better by this because less and less will my efforts be when I strive for the best.

Recent developments, I think, are a must because the ordinary citizen must realize the politician in whose arms he has devoted his well being. African leaders have for a long time taken Africans for granted and have rather improved their well being and assets. This has been the situation for a long time and it took the courage of just one individual to tell the masses that their lives were being toiled with by these politicians.

I stand to salute this great hero because I do believe in equality and justice for all and this is exactly what the young man proved. I foresee a day when Africa will rise and demand for her fair share of the national cake and the Tunisian uprising has turned the clock towards that direction, and when that day comes, I believe nothing will stop the masses.

This is an opportunity for the governments of African states to be responsive to the aspirations of the African, yet I see no sign of that. They rather put in forces to halt the voices of the masses. Egyptians have spelt out their plight but the best Mr. Mubarak can do is to put bans on protests and gatherings. This can’t stop them from crying out; it won’t keep them from shouting. The dawn of African revolution is about to begin and I advice African leaders to pay heed to the cries of the citizens because we are the voice of God.

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