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Grace and Robert mugabe
According to a respected South African Newspaper Zimbabwe’s first lady reportedly had an extra-marital affair with Zimbabwe’s central Bank Governor and President Mugabe’s personal banker Gideon Gono
When President Robert Mugabe’s younger sister, Sabina, died in Harare after a short illness, pictures showed the 86-year-old president looking devastated at her funeral.
Mugabe hopes the embarrassing secret of his wife’s infidelity with one of his right-hand men is safely buried with the body of the hapless Chademana
The trusted guard who spilled the beans has died suddenly
But it may well have been more than the death of his beloved sister that shattered Mugabe and sent his health into what is reported to be further decline.
According to one of Mugabe’s most trusted bodyguards who was present at the time, Sabina Mugabe, 75, warned her brother before she died that he was being betrayed by two of the most important people in his personal and political life: his wife and his personal banker, a pivotal member of his regime.
Sabina told the president that Grace and Gideon Gono, the powerful head of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Mugabe’s confidant, were secret lovers.
Grace, 41 years Mugabe’s junior, has taken lovers before. One lover, Peter Pamire, died in a mysterious car accident. James Makamba, one of Zimbabwe’s richest businessmen and a top-ranking Zanu-PF official, enjoyed her favours but their affair ended in tears, too, when a furious and sexually jealous Mugabe ran him out of town in fear of his life.
But never before has Grace been romantically involved with a politician in Mugabe’s inner circle. And never before has a man so close to the president risked allowing it to happen.
The dangers from discovery are high. Zimbabwe state intelligence officials made it known that Mugabe’s detection of the affair had already led to the murder of the bodyguard present at Sabina’s bedside and more trouble would almost certainly follow. (more at the
Mugabe “to go into war” over cheating wife allegations
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The Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, is “ready to go to war” over allegations that his wife Grace cheated on him as she leaves the country for their multi-million pound home in Hong Kong.
Sources close to the president’s camp say he is livid about the claims that Mrs Mugabe, who is 41 years his junior, had a five-year affair with Gideon Gono, one of his closest friends and the head of Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank.
The 86-year-old leader is due to convene an emergency meeting with senior aides and Dr Gono today and could take legal action to silence the rumours.
Mr Mugabe’s spokesman denied suggestions that Dr Gono had gone into hiding amid fears his life might be in danger.
Grace and Robert mugabe cheating
Meanwhile Grace Mugabe is said to be “extremely upset” and lying low at the family’s £4m mansion in Hong Kong, where their daughter Bona attends university.
She and married Dr Gono were alleged to have met up to three times a month at her farm, friends’ houses or at hotels in South Africa and Malaysia, and to have intended to set up home together after Mr Mugabe died.
He was said to have been “devastated” when he learned of the allegations from his sister Sabina, shortly before she died three months ago.
A man previously alleged to have had an affair with his wife, Peter Pamire, died in mysterious circumstances and another, businessman James Makamba, fled to the UKapparently fearing the same fate.
Robert and Grace Mugabe, a former typist in his office, began their affair when he was still married to his terminally ill wife Sally, and married in 1996.
Dr Gono could not be reached for comment although staff in his office insisted he had turned up for work “as normal”.
A source said to be close to the Mugabes and Dr Gono told the website New Zimbabwe said they were planning a joint fightback.
“There is a major meeting planned for Wednesday which will be attended by lawyers and advisers to the President and Gono,” she said.
Another source said: “Dr Gono is a very trusted individual who had been allowed more than any other person access to the family.
“Gideon Gono needs to get this sorted and needs to clear this very fast to restore the trust of the president.”
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