Mandela, the Madiba, by Dr. Tunde Oseni

Mandela, the Madiba
Mandela, the Madiba

If you want success out of struggle

Mandela, the Madiba represents a model

If you think it’s over when the chips are down

Study Mandela, the Madiba for a change of mind

If you think a people can forever be in chains

Mandela, the Madiba will let you think and change

If the world has no Mandelas in our midst

What for all will that be a great miss

Revenge is not for the strong in mind

Reconciliation is an article of faith for the large in heart

Mandela, the Madiba

Man with a thousand lives

It is to your memory and love

That South Africa and the world know more about peace


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  1. beautiful work, Dr. Tunde. Though as you share Mandela and nkrumah, we have to sadly remember that the ‘things have fallen apart’ for the continent.
    Thanks for sharing.

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